Featured Teacher

Samantha Sanabria 

Kaiserslautern, Germany

We would like to recognize Speakeasy Teacher Samantha Sanabria who has shown exceptional performance and motivation throughout her years with Speakeasy. Samantha continues to show excellent student management skills in and out of the classroom. She specializes in Academic English and Creative Writing. 

Shortly after graduating from university, Samantha decided that she would combine her love for the English language with her desire to travel and seek a career as an English teacher. Samantha is originally from the United States and holds a Bachelor of Arts in English (creative writing) from the University of Central Florida.  


In her spare time, Samantha enjoys reading, cooking, and exploring the beautiful sights in Europe. 

For teachers and students everywhere... This little nine-year-old boy is already learning how to inspire. 


Questions & Answers with Samantha

1. Tell us about your time living and teaching abroad. 

I have been teaching abroad since the beginning of 2016. I taught kindergarten and elementary school students for two years in South Korea. It was my first experience living abroad, and I absolutely loved it! In 2018 after doing some traveling around Southeast Asia, I decided to follow my boyfriend to Germany. I have only taught adults here with the exception of the online classes I do with VIPKid.  

2. When and where did you receive your TEFL Certification? 

I received my TEFL certification from the University of Central Florida's master's in TESOL program. I had been wanting to travel and teach for quite some time, and the opportunity finally presented itself. As I was finishing the program in December 2015, I began interviewing for jobs in South Korea. I accepted a job around Christmastime, and I was on a plane two short months later to South Korea. After teaching in South Korea and recognizing my passion for teaching English, I decided to work towards a master's degree in TESOL from Southeast Missouri State University. I should be finished at the end of this year. 

3. What is the most surprising thing you have learned during this experience?  

I have learned that there is so much you can do if you remove the limits you place on yourself. I truly believe in the power of language. If you tell yourself you can't do something, chances are that you can't do it. But if you haven't even tried, how will you know?  


4. What are your preferred areas of teaching English?  

While teaching adults is fun because you can relate to them, I do miss teaching my students in Korea. There's something about watching a child grow over the course of a year not only in their English skills but emotionally and socially as well.  

5. Do you miss anything from the states? (i.e. family, food, shops, etc.)  

Of course! I miss family and friends the most, but I also miss the familiarity. I haven't visited home in almost two years and it's been four years since I've lived in the States, so I know things will be different when I return (or maybe I'm the one who is different?). I also miss the FOOD.  


6. How are you handling the global pandemic and living in Germany? 

 I haven't had to make many adjustments yet. I am used to working from home, so I have made a schedule for myself so I can keep on track with schoolwork and classes. I am staying home as much as possible and praying for this thing to end soon so we can all go back to normal life! 

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. -William A. Ward


Auditory Learning


Auditory learners learn best while they are actively listening. They concentrate best by receiving new or difficult information by listening to themselves or someone else talking. 


People with strong auditory preferences are more confident and successful when they can:

  • Learn by listening to others

  • Receive instructions aurally from speakers and recordings

  • Repeat the information aloud and/or repeat it in their heads

  • Talk about/Discuss/Record texts when mastering or reinforcing new or difficult information and ideas   

Visual Learning 


Visual learners are those who find it easiest to remember what they read or view.  


They can visualize pages and sections of printed text, and they remember the layout, headings, subheadings, keywords, captions, and images.


  • Learn by viewing images, graphics, demonstrations, and performances

  • Watch introductory presentations and instructional videos

  • Visualize or see the required finished product – its shapes, colors, and features

  • Timelines with symbols and images, storyboards and animations, and/or pictorial flash cards



compassion /kəmˈpæʃən/ noun


Learner's definition of Compassion


: a feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, etc.



Compassion used in a sentence. 

  • He felt compassion for the lost child.

  • She shows compassion to the sick.

  • She had the compassion to offer help when it was needed most.


Look up the definitions for the words listed below. Write them down to create your very own vocabulary list. Most importantly: Practice, Practice, Practice.







Spread the word...

Kinesthetic Learning


Kinaesthetic learners prefer to learn new or difficult information through 'real-life' experiences and demonstrations. They concentrate best when they are physically active and able to use their large muscle groups in the learning process. Experiential learning suits them well.


People with strong kinaesthetic preferences are more confident and successful when they can:

  • Engage in physical activities and games while learning

  • Learn through active participation in real situations or imagined scenarios

  • Practice following instructions and directions before attempting a task or an assessment

  • Kinesthetic learners prefer roleplay, active problem-solving, information walls and musical performances just to name a few

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