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First and foremost, we thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to learn more about the Speakeasy Language Academy. We are a group of highly trained EFL teachers from all over the world spreading the same educational purpose. That purpose is to properly educate each student while providing a fun, educational, and comfortable learning environment.  


Speakeasy Language Academy: The first choice for freelance teachers worldwide. Our teacher's networking platform jumpstarts their EFL career. We supply the marketing tools and support that will successfully promote each teacher and help find students in their home country as well as worldwide. We're not your typical brick and mortar school; we give our students the freedom to learn where they feel most comfortable. 


All of our teachers have traveled the world and have been faced with being lost in translation. We understand the frustrations and challenges when trying to learn a second language. This is how and why the Language Academy was founded. Our mission is to unify all nations by teaching English in an exciting, memorable, and compassionate way. We customize our lessons for each student depending on levels, goals, and objectives.


We look forward to providing students of all ages around the world with the best learning experience. 


Tamie Arietta

CEO & Founder 



TEFL has been most influenced by the theory of communicative-interactive learning which advocates the communicative functions.  

A teacher’s role is to analyze their student's needs in order to develop the student's linguistic and communicative competence, to meet both their present and future needs. 

Our History

Cityscape of Florence


​We began with a small group of teachers joined together with a passion to learn and teach. In 2014, during our celebratory lunch after TEFL graduation in Florence, Italy, the idea of creating a place to connect teachers and students all over the world with the common interest to learn English was born.


Officially launching our school in 2015 has given us a way to educate students all over the world. Our teachers work independently worldwide, allowing them the flexibility and freedom to customize lessons and offer one-on-one support to their students. 

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