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Friends Having Coffee

Conversational English

Practice speaking 

Conversational lessons are great for people who want to focus on improving their speaking and listening/understanding abilities, with little or no time spent on reading and writing skills.  These are fun and interactive lessons that allow you to speak in a relaxed environment.

Available Lessons

Friends Having Coffee

English Conversation

Great for people that just want to practice speaking. One-on-one or small group. 

Coffee with Friends

Coffee Chat

Many of our teachers offer group conversation lessons in public locations, such as cafés and parks. These group lessons are cheaper than private lessons and allow you to practice English in a fun and relaxed environment with other students. 

Colorful Book Spines

Book Club

If you enjoy reading and would like to practice speaking, then book clubs are a great way to practice reading, writing, and speaking. The books are chosen based on the level of the group. You can read together or at your own pace at home. Meet new friends and practice speaking English together. 

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