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What is happening outside the classroom?
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Speakeasy Language Academy is looking for experienced and certified teachers to join our team.
We are here to help jumpstart your freelance and independent teaching career.
Please contact us today to set up an interview.
Teaching around the world


We have qualified independent teachers teaching students all over the world. We are a group of professional and very passionate teachers that enjoy helping others by teaching and creating a comfortable environment to learn and understand English. 

Referral Program

You will receive one (60 minutes) free lesson for every new student you refer that signs up for 5 or more lessons.

Speakeasy Frequent Learners Card


Become a member of the Speakeasy club and receive a 30-minute conversational discussion for free. Student's choice on the topic. Ask for details.




English Babysitting Training 


Speakeasy has officially launched the English Babysitting Training and Development (EBTD) Program designed to help young children develop the necessary skills needed to prepare for pre-school, kindergarten, or a bilingual school at the same time giving their hardworking parents a break. One to three-hour sessions available in the comfort of the child's home or at their favorite park. Designed to engage each child in a fun, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere where they can learn without the typical classroom setting. 

Community Service


Find out ways to get involved in your community. Every now and then we tend to forget to get involved or to give back to our community. Just ask your local volunteer center for ways to get involved. 


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