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Stephanie Pampel
Native English Speaker 
Fluent in Spanish
Basic Knowledge of German, French, Italian, and Catalán
Hamburg, Germany

Born in Wisconsin (USA)

After earning a Bachelor's degree in music and Spanish education from St. Norbert College, Stephanie moved to Madrid to begin her teaching career. Since then she has taught music and Spanish in the U.S. and English in central Mexico, as well as led group volunteer trips to Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. She has also spent time working in restaurants, including one year as a pastry cook, and doing customer support for a Spanish/English educational tech company in the U.S.

She loves to cook and bake, listen to music and podcasts, sing, play the trumpet, and exercise, and enjoys incorporating these passions into her language teaching whenever possible.


Specialized Areas of Teaching:

Academic writing (Arts and Sciences)
English for the hospitality industry
English for the tech industry
English for teachers


Teacher’s Choice:

All Ages and Levels

Private (One-on-One) and Group Lessons

Conversational Chat Hour

Academic Writing and Proofreading

CV / Resume Translation 

Interviewing Preparation

English for the purpose of traveling

Slang and Informal Dialog: SMS, Emails & Social Media

Website & Social Media Translation

Cooking and baking lessons in English (especially for special or restricted diets)

Stephanie Pampel
Stephanie Pampel
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