Walter Mahabir
Native English Speaker
Proficient knowledge of French
Basic knowledge of German

Born in Toronto, Canada

Walter Mahabir is a Canadian musician, born and raised in Toronto. While living in Toronto, he had nine years of classical piano training at St. Michael's Choir School, and later received his Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice at York University. Walter then moved to Montreal to continue his studies, where he completed his Master's degree in Choral Conducting. Working in music has become his lifelong passion, and it is through music that he also developed a keen interest for language. After receiving his TEFL Certification, he moved to Berlin, where he currently lives and works as a freelance English teacher and musician.

Walter's life experiences have sculpted him into the dedicated teacher that he has become. Through years of conducting and dancing experience, he is quick to adapt dynamic learning and teaching concepts. In addition, his eleven years in the service industry developed his public speaking and hospitality.


Walter is committed to continue developing as a language teacher and musician while promoting values of critical thinking, encouragement, improvement, and positivity.

Aside from his work, Walter loves dogs, crosswords, reading, comedy, video games, basketball and magic tricks. He also likes to consider himself a professional eater.

Specialized Areas of Teaching:

Academic English

Teacher’s Choice:

Free Introductory Lesson

Ages: Young Learners (0-12) & Adults

Levels: Beginners & Intermediate

Private (One-on-One) and Group Lessons

Virtual Classroom

English Babysit Training and Development Program

English for the purpose of traveling

Slang and Informal Dialogs: SMS, Email

CV, Resume and Interviewing Preparation

Business English: (Small Businesses to Large Corporations)

Other Areas of Focus:

English Through A Musical Lens - Do you enjoy music? Whether it is learning English for post-graduate music education, English diction for live musical settings (choirs, orchestras, etc.), or just wanting to perfect that English song you heard on the radio, treat yourself to personally-tailored lessons to help you improve your language learning while achieving your musical goals!

Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
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Meet Walter

Walter is a very talented musician.


He specializes in teaching Academic English and Music. Walter tailors each lesson to meet the needs of his students.