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Tamie Arietta

Native English Speaker

Conversant in German and Spanish



Born in the USA


A true nomad at heart.  After a year of traveling, volunteering, and studying around the world, Tamie found a way to combine her love for traveling, helping others and teaching. Upon receiving her TEFL certification in Italy, she designed, developed and started the Speakeasy Language Academy. She is currently living and operating Speakeasy LA in Hamburg, Germany.


Teacher's Choice: 

All Ages and Levels

Business English (Focus on Sales & Marketing)

Conversational English 

One-on-One Private or Group Lessons 

Skype (Online) Lessons or Virtual Classroom

English Babysitting Training and Development Program

CV, Resume and Interviewing Preparation

English for the purpose of traveling

Pen-pal Networking Program

Slang and Informal Dialogs: SMS, Emails & Social Media 

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