Ryan Hillard
Native English Speaker
Basic Knowledge of German

Born in Mesa, Arizona (USA)

A graduate of Texas A&M University, Ryan loves sharing his passion for the English language by teaching others. He focuses on teaching business English and conversational English in Wolfsburg, where he currently lives. He is comfortable working with groups and individuals from companies, and he enjoys teaching independent lessons as well.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys a variety of activities. He appreciates the company of the German friends that he's been able to make, and he enjoys playing both kinds of football with them. He reads a wide variety of books to keep his English skills sharp, and he watches Netflix to relax and work on his German-language skills.

Specialized Areas of Teaching:

Business English
Literary English

Conversational English


Teacher’s Choice:

Free Introductory Lesson

All Ages

All Levels

Private (One-on-One) and Group Lessons

Virtual Classroom

English for the purpose of traveling

Conversational Chat Hour

Academic English

Business English: (Small Businesses to Large Corporations)

Slang and Informal Dialogs: SMS, Email

Wolfsburg, Germany
Academic English 
Business English
Young Learner, Kids & Teens
Conversational English 
English Through Activities

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