Marc Tabin
Native English Speaker
Tagalog (Filipino): Proficient
Deutsch (German): Conversant
Nihongo (Japanese): Basic knowledge
Español (Spanish): Basic knowledge
Hamburg, Germany

Area of Specialization:

General Business English
Business English for Management
Business English for Business Analytics
Business English for the Entertainment Industry
Specialized in post-production, pre-production, and screenwriting


Teacher’s Choice:

Free Introductory Lesson

All Ages

All Levels

Private (One-on-One) and Group Lessons

Virtual Classroom

English for the purpose of traveling

English Babysit Training and Development Program

Conversational Chat Hour

Pen-pal Networking Program

Academic English

TESOL Test Prep

CV, Resume, and Interviewing Preparation

Business English: (Small Businesses to Large Corporations)

Website & Social Media Translation

Slang and Informal Dialogs: SMS, Email

Marc has been blessed to be born to two loving parents who emigrated from the Philippines.

Being an Asian-American as well as being raised in a multicultural society in New Jersey has provided various facets to his upbringing. At a young age, he immediately procured a fascination with how different people coexist and intermingle. It all started when his mother told stories of her adventures in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe when she was younger. One quote from his mother still reverberates, “One plane ticket is to escape reality, the other one is to explore it,” referring to the difference between going on vacation and living abroad. His mother spent many years in these countries teaching Math and Science to different walks of life. With this little inkling of curiosity, he set forth on his own adventure to make out what life means to him.

Marc is TESOL-certified, has a Bachelor’s in Media Arts and a Master of Science in Management with a concentration in Business Analytics. He has worked in a number of industries, ranging from the entertainment industry (such as post-production and screenwriting) to generic pharmaceuticals (business development and analytics). He is a man that has worn many hats and isn’t afraid to get his feet wet in subjects that are not familiar with him. Prior to living in Germany, he lived, studied, and worked in the Philippines and Japan.

When he isn’t working, he dabbles with cooking, jams with his ukulele, and doodles digital art on his iPad. He is thrilled to create a fun and supportive atmosphere for his students so that they may thrive and learn to think in another language. He states, “When you’re interested in learning a language and you discover another voice inside you, isn’t it magical? To be able to express yourself and interpret your thoughts in another vernacular isn’t demonstrated by my teaching, but by your willingness to be engulfed by the culturally unknown.”

Marc Tabin

Born in New Jersey (USA)