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David Jacobus
Native English Speaker
Conversant in German
Basic knowledge of Russian
Leipzig, Germany

Born in Washington D.C. (USA)

David is a native of the United States. He grew up outside of Washington D.C. He attended the University of South Carolina and received degrees in Russian Studies and International Relations. After his university studies, he worked for a major investment firm in North Carolina and Arizona. He decided in 2018 to pursue a dream to travel and experience other cultures. He received his TEFL certificate in Prague and has taught in the Czech Republic and Germany since.

David loves to travel and has ample experience traveling in all corners of the United States. He loves to share his experience and knowledge of American culture. David's hobbies span numerous activities from sport to reading, but most of all he loves to learn. This is important to form meaningful connections with his students.

He believes everyone has the ability to use a language different than their own. Through positive motivation and confidence building, his students gain the tools to use English in all aspects of their life. Part-teacher, part-motivator David loves to help his students along their own life journey.

Specialized Areas of Teaching:

Business English
Customer Service
American Culture
Travel English


Teacher’s Choice:

Free Introductory Lesson

Teenagers, Adults, Seniors

All Levels

Private (One-on-One) and Group Lessons

Virtual Classroom

Academic English 

English for the purpose of traveling

Conversational Chat Hour

English Babysit Training and Development Program

CV, Resume, and Interviewing Preparation

Business English: (Small Businesses to Large Corporations)

Other Areas of Focus:

David Jacobus

Customer Service

David has spent his entire work-life in customer service. He has recognized during his teaching experience that the language of customer service has been overlooked in modern English training.  Numerous international companies face daily, essential client-facing opportunities in English, from simple vocabulary to advanced customer service skills.  It is important to have confident and knowledgeable employees at the forefront of a globalized marketplace.  


American Culture & Sports

One of the best ways to learn about English and America is through sports, seriously! Sports and American culture are one-in-the-same.  Learn rich vocabulary from the basics of popular American sports. Discover the uniqueness of American cities and citizens across the country while deep-diving into popular franchises. Absorb business knowledge by studying the practices of powerful front offices.  Even if you believe sports aren’t interesting, it is surely one of the best ways to come know an essential aspect of American culture. 


Partner Classes

Group Zoom lessons can get confusing. Individual lessons can be daunting. Partner classes are a perfect in-between in our current climate. Enrolling in an English class with a friend, colleague or significant other can be extremely beneficial. 

David Jacobus

Meet David

He specializes in teaching Business English and American Culture.


David tailors each lesson to meet the needs of his students.

David Jacobus
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