Amanda Martin 

Native English Speaker 

Basic Knowledge of Spanish

Texas, USA 

Born in the USA

Amanda has her Bachelors in Forensic Science with a minor in Psychology. She received her TEFL certification and her certification to be an educational aide for the state of Texas. She worked for two years in the state of Texas as an aid for special needs children. This encouraged her to pursue her Masters in Child and Adolescent Development Psychology. However, after a few semesters she decided to put it on hold to travel and teach. She taught for over a year at an English school in Fuzhou, China. She then moved to Prague to work at an international school teaching kindergarten. She feels that the next step in progressing her career is to freelance teach. She believes that this will enable her to become a better teacher and allow her to focus more on her students. 


Amanda believes that when people are having fun and enjoying themselves, that they are able to learn more. That is why she always brings fun and entertainment to her lessons. She loves to incorporate games and activities into her lessons so that students are able to fully grasp the English language.  


Aside from pursing her career, Amanda enjoys a variety of extracurricular activities. She enjoys reading books and going to the theatre. She also enjoys hiking, biking, and exploring new places. She loves trying new foods and meeting new people. Her first time leaving Texas was when she decided to travel to China to teach. It opened her eyes to endless possibilities and gave her a desire to explore. 


Teacher’s Choice:

All Ages and Levels