Amanda da Silva
Native Portuguese Speaker
Proficient in English
Conversant in Italian
Basic Knowledge of Spanish

Born in Brazil

Amanda is a very enthusiastic English Teacher who believes you can see the world in a new way when you learn a new language. She personalizes lessons according to her student's needs and interests, making sure that the lessons are engaging and fun! She can help you prepare for moving abroad, study for the TOEFL exam, or learn English for traveling. 

In 2013 Amanda took part in a study program in Italy, where she had to learn Italian to attend University lectures. This experience brought up in her a passion for experiencing new languages and cultures. After that, she has also lived in South Africa and in the USA. Having traveled more than 20 countries she has realized how important it is to speak English to be able to communicate everywhere in the world, this motivated her to help others achieve their goals and speak English fluently. In February 2020 she earned her TEFL Certificate and started her teaching career.

In her spare time, Amanda loves to hike, cycle, and do yoga. Being in nature brings her great joy.

Teacher’s Choice:

All Ages

Levels: Beginners, Intermediate

Private (One-on-One) and Group Lessons

English for the purpose of traveling

Conversational Chat Hour

TESOL Test Prep

Website & Social Media Translation

Munich, Germany
Academic English 
Business English
Young Learner, Kids & Teens
Conversational English 
English Through Activities

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